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Many small to medium businesses (SMBs) are not sufficiently protected against cyberattacks, putting customers’ confidential information, such as healthcare data and credit card numbers, at risk of being compromised.

Inadequate cybersecurity preparations can lead to severe consequences, including a damaged reputation, loss of vital information and financial damage. According to Verizon, 61% of SMBs have been hit by cyberattacks in the past year. In addition, 60% of SMB cyberattack victims go out of business within six months (Denver Post).

Our associate program can fulfill your cybersecurity needs if your business is a service provider. In addition, we can help your business meet compliance requirements in its industry. Join our associate program to get a discount on our services and provide discounted cybersecurity services to your customers through our relationship.

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If you have clients that could benefit from cybersecurity services, contact us to arrange a group discount and more information on how we can work together.

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