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John Andrews


John Andrews, from his early days working in the USMC and with the Department of Defense, has been involved with technology delivery and cybersecurity in one way or another for over 30 years. His passions for people, technology, and leadership have allowed him to hold critical positions across numerous industries throughout his professional career. He has built international technology teams and delivered innovative, award-winning solutions.

As a seasoned leader, John maintains his commitment to, and strong belief in, servant leadership, often speaking on the subject and providing mentorship to other executives.

Having observed the rapidly changing cybersecurity threat landscape, it has become more apparent that companies must adequately protect themselves from the rampant, increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that indiscriminately attack and damage businesses of all sizes.

John’s proactive nature drives him to seek opportunities to make a difference. In this case, he sees a chance to invest in cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and brilliant minds to provide world-class protection at an affordable cost.


Stephan Broquie


Stephan Broquie has a record of bringing successful innovation and producing impactful business results. In his early days of managing a fast-paced IT department, he implemented a high-availability telecom data center, processing and storing billions of high-value and confidential records. Network and data security is always his top priority to protect the organization against fraud, user abuse, and cyber-attack attempts. He had the opportunity to collaborate with the FBI and the CIA after the 9/11 attacks on America, during which threat hunting took on a whole new dimension.

As an executive, Stephan built software engineering and customer support teams while developing new mobile and web applications for the enterprise. Once again, protecting the code and intellectual property was a priority in his endeavors.

Stephan’s experience with successful startups and turnaround situations has enriched and sharpened his entrepreneurial spirit and skills. He considers himself an agent of change with an analytical mindset and keen problem-solving capabilities. Cybersecurity is the front line of a new era and working at Citadel 6 with its incredible partners is a unique opportunity to make significant changes. His vision is to leverage his experience, passion for helping others, and the Citadel team to help many small and medium-sized companies worldwide.

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