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Small to medium size businesses (SMBs) have increasingly become targets for cyberattacks. According to Quantum Technologies, SMBs are three times more likely to be attacked than large corporations. Some of the reasons smaller companies fall victim to cyberattacks include failing to educate employees on common intrusion vectors and lack of investment in IT infrastructure, paving the way for cybercriminals to strike.

Cybersecurity is essential for businesses, protecting personal information from hackers, malware, spyware, and other cyber threats. Due to the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, there is a large market for cybersecurity services, providing an opportunity to reach out to SMBs.

Our reseller program can boost your revenue by adding additional services to your lineup and fulfilling your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

When you join us, you can look forward to providing the following:

Managed Detection and Response

We deploy and actively monitor advanced AI-integrated endpoint protection, combining cutting-edge technology solutions with skilled cybersecurity professionals to promptly detect and respond to threats. Our plans are customized to fit business needs.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Our holistic approach strengthens each element of an organization’s cyber defenses. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services evaluate existing cyber defenses to ensure they are adequate and highlight areas of improvement.

Education and Phishing Tests

Effective cybersecurity starts with educating employees about best practices and preparing them for phishing attacks. Our education and testing curriculum helps us identify organizational knowledge levels, allowing us to pinpoint areas of opportunity and address them.

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