Education, Training, Consulting, and Phishing Tests

Building cyber defenses from the ground up

Effective cybersecurity starts with educating your organization about best cyber defense practices. Our training program can help your company get up to speed on cybersecurity.

Each training program includes:

  • Comprehensive curriculum detailing best cybersecurity practices
  • Regular 10-15 minute videos with a test at the end
  • Specialized curriculums for companies that require a higher level of security compliance (i.e., e-commerce sites)

Cybersecurity education, training, and consulting provide organizations with crucial information on best practices. Phishing tests simulate an actual phishing attack to test employees’ readiness for common attack vectors. Many cyberattacks happen due to employees being unaware of and not adequately trained in best cybersecurity practices. Educating and training the whole company in detecting phishing attacks is essential in boosting your organization’s cybersecurity.

Education, Training, Consulting, and Phishing Tests

What is included

Our cybersecurity training programs include an in-depth curriculum covering best cybersecurity practices. A library of 10 to 15-minute videos with corresponding tests enhances the curriculum to evaluate employee knowledge and ensure they are prepared to handle cyber threats. We also provide phishing tests that simulate social engineering attacks to prepare organizations for real threats.

Why you need

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are constantly evolving alongside cybersecurity defenses, making it essential that everyone in your business is prepared to detect and respond to phishing attempts. An organization’s staff can be a security system’s weakest link, and regularly educating employees is one of the most effective methods of keeping your company secure.


Our education programs provide specialized training for industries requiring a higher level of security compliance, including companies that regularly process credit card payments. In addition, our phishing tests keep track of employees who click on simulated phishing emails and allow us to create additional tailored training for them, ensuring everyone at your organization is prepared to counter phishing attacks.

Preparing you to counter cyber threats

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