SIEM SOC Monitoring

Speedy, modern, proactive security monitoring

Maintaining a secure network requires potential threats among network activity to be detected and reported upon discovery.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) is security software that collects and analyzes aggregated log data from distributed network devices while monitoring them in real-time. SIEM combines security information management, which reports, analyzes, and stores log data, with security event management, which monitors the security system in real time.

SIEM SOC Monitoring

What is included

Citadel 6’s experienced analysts work with customer IT departments, if present, to strategically collect, monitor, and analyze aggregated logging information to detect deviations from normal operations. Our SIEM software generates automated security event alerts to keep businesses informed about events on their network.

Why you need

The amount of data many organizations generate is so vast that it is too much to handle manually. A SIEM system analyzes anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand event sources, making it a crucial resource for filtering through log data and prioritizing security issues.

SIEM monitoring analyzes log data in real-time while providing visual dashboards to view the entire security system. With SIEM monitoring, companies can gather data from across the network to reconstruct an attack timeline. SIEM solutions then send recommended actions to security controls. For example, it can direct a firewall to block a cyberattack.


Our SIEM system immediately alerts your business about suspicious activity, allowing security teams to act quickly. Further, SIEM monitoring enables a company to automatically log data and create security reports to meet compliance requirements.

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